Vocational Training

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are work based qualifications developing in England and recognised throughout the World through International Bodies such as City & Guilds and Edexcel (part of the Pearson Group, the World’s larget education provider) and are achieved through training and assessment.

To achieve an NVQ, candidates must prove that they have the ability (competence) to carry out their job to the required standard. NVQs are based on National Occupational Standards that describe the ‘competencies’ expected in any given job role. Typically, candidates will work towards an NVQ that reflects their work role. For example someone working in a customer service enviroment may take an NVQ in Customer Services.

NVQs are of particular value to employers as they know their staff are all trained to the same standard. This is especially relevant to companies and organisations who already have in-house training programs as, working in partnership with GSE, we can use existing trainng programs as the evidence to show competency to allow staff to gain the qualifications. This enhances an organisations reputation, provides a significant cometitive edge and can be used as a marketing tool.

GSE can provide NVQ’s across a range of sectors. An overview of the most common ones are listed below and details available through the links. For further details please Contact Us.

Customer Services

Business Administration

Team Leading