Frequently Asked Questions (International Sports Studies)

Q. Does the price include airfare?
A. No, airfire is not included in the prices quoted and you need to make your own arrangements to get here and home at the end of the program.

Q. How will I get to and from the airport?
A. We take care of that and will make the arrangements to collect you from the airport and take you back there at the end of the program.

Q. Where will I stay?
A. You will stay with a host family who we will have selected and will be carefully vetted.

Q. What does the cost cover?
A. As far as the program is concerned, everything is covered. This includes;

  • Transfer to and from the airport;
  • Host family costs
  • Professional Coaching
  • Educational qualifications
  • Transport to and from venues associated with the program
  • Program tracksuit/training shirts

Q. What costs are NOT included?
A. The following is not included;

  • Your airfare to England and back home at the end of the program
  • Any Visa application costs
  • Transport costs from the host family home to and from the facility (Individual arrangements can be made with the host family regarding this)
  • Spending money
  • Any trips, entertainment or activites in your free time not associated with the program
  • Cricket equipment (Football and Golf equipment if you are on the football or golf studies program)

Q. Do I need a visa?
A. Yes, you will need a student visa issued by the UK Border Agency. The qualifications you will study fulfill the student visa requirements as they are on the UK National Qualifications Framework.

Q. What qualifications will I take?
A. Everyone will take one of the BTEC Sports Studies qualifications which we provide through our accreditation with the UK Awarding Body, Edexcel.

Q. Are there different qualifications and levels of the BTEC Studies qualifications and which will/can I take?
A. Yes there are 2 levels (Level 2 and Level 3). If you are on the 6 month Cricket Studies program then you will take the Level 3 National Award. This is equivalent to 1 ‘A’ Level. You can return the following year and ‘upgrade’ the qualification to either the National Certificate (2 ‘A’ Levels), or the National Diploma (3 ‘A’ Levels). The National Diploma provides sufficient UCAS points to gain entry into an English university to study sports related degrees.

Q. What do the qualifications consist of?
A. The Level 2 qualifications comprise of up to 7 modules. The Level 3 qualifications range form 6 to 18 modules depending upon whether you are studying the National Award, Certificate or Diploma. The modules at both levels cover similiar topics but the Level 3 qualifications go into more depth.

A sample list of some of the Modules are as follows:

  • Health, Safety and Injury – Looks at the major risk factors that can effect an athlete and their performance i.e. sports injuries
  • The Body in Sport – Introduction into the structure and function of the human body and how it responds before, during and after exercise
  • Technical Skills and Tactical awareness for Sport- This module will aid the development of an individual’s technical skills and tactical awareness
  • Nutrition for Sports Performance – Assist learners to understand the nutritional demand’s and energy requirements of a selected sport
  • Fitness for Sports Performance – Looks at fitness requirements of a particular sport and how these are implemented in a training programme
  • Psychology for Sport performance – Introduction into how to mentally prepare for sporting activity

Q. I only want to come for the 1 month program. Will I still study the Level 3 qualification?
A. No, the single month programs do not have sufficient time to allow you to study Level 3 qualifications. The montly Cricket Studies program includes the BTEC Level 2 qualifications. For your first visit to us you will study the First Certificate. If you wish to return to a later monthly program, then this can be upgraded to either the Extended Certificate or the Level 2 Diploma.

Q. I want to come on the Cricket Studies program for more than 1 month but not the full 6 month program. Can I do this?
A. Yes, you can come for as many of the months as you want between April and September, but you need to be aware that this needs to be booked before you start your first month as it may not be possible to extend your stay if the following months are fully booked.

Q. I want to book onto one of the programs, what do I do next?
A. Contact us via email office@globalsportseducation.com providing us with your full name, date of birth and which program you wish to attend. You can also complete the Enquiry Form. We will then send you a registration form to complete and you need to pay a small non-returnable deposit as soon as possible thereafter to secure your place. Once your deposit has been made and your place secured, we will send you information regarding visa requirements and details regarding dates to pay the outstanding balance.

Q. You make reference in the forms to rugby, tennis, golf and ‘other sports’. Do you run programs in these sports as well?
A. We currently do not run programs in these sports. However we have had enquiries relating to these sports and we are able to run similar programs if there is sufficient interest from students.

Q. I have other questions which are not answered here, what do I do?
A. Send us an email to office@globalsportseducation.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.